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Bluff City Materials, Inc. and Integrated Environmental Solutions, Inc.  Team was awarded a contract for remediation of the City of LaPorte, Indiana New Porte Landing Development Phase 2A project.  The NewPorte Landing Phase 2 Development Area is in a commercial/ industrial zoned area of the City of La Porte. The City’s plan for the Phase 2A project is to turn the Brownfield site into a mixed-use (multi-use residential and commercial) area with public access and amenities, create an extension of the City’s downtown as a destination for area residents; and to use the site as an educational tool for remediation and restoration of a former Brownfield.


The Site encompasses approximately 30-acres and is composed of four vacant and undeveloped properties (Verma, Blalack, Hoelocker Drive, and off-site properties), as well as three water bodies (West Basin and East Pond on the Verma Property and the western shoreline of Clear Lake).  The remedial scope of work (SOW) for the vacant former Blalack Property includes demolition, surface soil removal, and restoration.  The former Verma Property is a 15-acre parcel of land that was used for storage and historical fill placement. The Verma Property also includes a small former stormwater basin (West Basin). Rusted-out and partially buried drums are reportedly located within and along the edges of West Basin. Foundry sand, a byproduct of historical metal casting operations in the region, was placed near West Basin. The remedial SOW for the former Verma the Property includes demolition, surface soil removal, In Situ and Ex Situ Soil Stabilization and removal, dewatering and fill of the West Basin, and restoration.  Key elements of the project include:

  • ISS Treatability Study

  • ISS Pilot Field Test

  • Excavation, Transportation, and Disposal of 64,000 tons of impacted soils

  • ISS treatment of 11,000 cubic yards of Lead contaminated soils, at 18-foot depth

  • Well point and hydraulic barrier installation

  • Water treatment plant design, installation and operation

  • Backfill 51,000 cubic yards of clean soil

  • Site restoration



Client: City of LaPorte

Location:  City of LaPorte, Indiana

  • Demolition

  • Surface Soil Removal

  • ISS Study

  • ISS Treatment

  • Barrier Installation

  • Site Restoration

Contract Value: $4,000,000
Performance Dates:  July to December 2019

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