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  • Processing, transportation, placement, and compaction of 775,000 tons of soils per year

  • Logistics management marine/barge transportation and offloading of soils from barges.

  • Designed, constructed and operate a 1,000 foot conveyor system

  • 5-year contract

  • 0 Reportable incidents during the project

  • Relevance to project: Material Management, Soil Processing, Logistics, and Transportation


Contract Value: $4,500,000.00
Performance Dates:  2016 – 2021


Bluff City Materials, Inc., was awarded a 5-year contract by Lehigh Hansen Cement, Inc. to restore its Hansen Materials mine in Romeoville, Illinois.  This project involves significant materials management, placement and compaction in the 55 acre mine.  Over 1,000,000 tons of fill is required to be brought on-site on an annual basis.  The soil is transported to the facility via barge to the Romeoville site.  Bluff City has designed a conveyor system to move the soils to the mine site. In addition, Bluff City has material handler offloading systems, 45 ton Haul trucks, bull dozers and compactors to manage the closure of the site.  Bluff City unloads each barge, 1600 tons of soil, within 3 hours.


The scope of work includes:

  • Barge Offloading Facility Design and Construction

  • Processing, staging, and transportation of 1,000,000 tons of soil per year

  • Logistics management

  • Soil placement, compaction and grading

  • Environmental management and compliance

The project is entering its second year of operations, with zero recordable incidents, and zero Notice of Violations.

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