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Bluff City Materials (BCM) is an Illinois based firm founded in 1972, offering services in remediation, logistics, aggregates, heavy civil construction, management and placement of construction demolition debris (CCDD), recycling/beneficial reuse of several waste streams, property development, laboratory services, and surveying. In addition, we offer a variety of unique technologies, including stabilization and solidification (S/S), slurry wall construction and deep soil mixing, on-site waste treatment, bio remediation, groundwater treatment, and soil vapor extraction (SVE) Systems.  BCM has more than 200 employees across 36 locations throughout Illinois, Missouri, and Wisconsin, with headquarters in Bartlett, IL. BCM owns over $200M of “Yellow Iron” and has annual revenues in excess of $150M. BCM redeveloped its Safety & Health program in 2016 to establish a sharper focus on policies and objectives to enable and motivate employees to strive in a safe and healthy working environment. Routine reviews of safety, health, and environmental practices are conducted across all sites throughout each year to verify compliance to identify and improve operational work practices.



Bluff City Materials, Inc. (BCM) Environmental Remediation Division, is among the most experienced and financially secure regional environmental construction firms in the Midwest. Backed by the extensive material and financial resources of Bluff City Materials, Inc. and its parent, Southwind Industries, Inc. (SI), BCM can execute major environmental, civil and geotechnical projects. BCM’s current bonding capacity is $10 Million per project with a $30 million aggregate with additional capacity available. Our financial surety is provided by Liberty Mutual, CNA and Western Surety. In addition to standard industry coverages in our General Liability Insurance, BCM carries a $25 Million Umbrella Policy. SI’s assets include over $200 million in construction equipment (average equipment age is 3 years) and over 6,000 acres of property available for commercial and industrial development. In addition, SI and its subsidiary companies have over 100 years of sand, gravel and limestone reserves.



In Continuous Business
since 1947


In Revenue


70% Equipment Operators


of "Yellow Iron"


In Midwest (IL, MO, WI)




Bluff City Materials, Inc. (BCM) believes that safety performance is the first measure of success for every project and that all accidents are preventable. Zero incident performance is our goal on every project - no injuries, no property damage, and no adverse community or environmental impacts. The safety of our staff, others on site, and the surrounding community are priority “one” and will never be compromised for production, profit, or ancillary project goals.

Employee feedback regarding safety is considered extremely important,and we encourage active participation in company safety meetings, work planning, and other safety forums. All project personnel are vested with “Stop Work” authority and all safety observations and suggestions are seriously evaluated. BCM project managers and safety officers follow up continuously to ensure all personnel adhere to corporate and site-specific safety plans and Activity Hazard Analyses (AHAs). This highly effective, behavior-based safety culture is characterized by communications founded on mutual trust, a shared company-wide commitment to safety, proper hazard
identification and implementation of preventive measures.


• Proven OSHA compliant Corporate Safety & Health Program

• Corporate-wide implementation
of a behavior-based safety program that integrates with existing client programs

• Management at all levels
communicates the importance of
work safety as a way of life

• Every employee has the authority to stop work activities

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